Social Responsibility

It’s easy to make the case that our fine chocolate creations bring so much joy to people that we’re naturally good corporate citizens. But sustainable practices and social awareness are things we take very seriously.

It begins in the factory, where we’ve implemented sustainability initiatives across the board. It almost goes without saying that we keep water and energy use at an absolute minimum. We also recycle as much as we can, and use, wherever practical, recycled packing and certified FSC boards. In fact, we’re signatory to the National Packaging Covenant, an agreement that ensures our continued commitment to relieving landfills. In Australia, most kerbside recycling companies are not set up to recycle soft plastics, including biodegradable materials. However, the majority of our packaging is fully recyclable once the facilities to do so are available at the commercial level, and we try to maximise the use of paper products over plastics where it doesn’t compromise the freshness and travel safety of our chocolates.

As a family-owned and –operated business, people are important to us. So focusing our social responsibility outwards as well as inwards is a priority. Because we all have family and friends that are important to us, we were partners of the National Breast Cancer Foundation for many years. Children, too, are close to our hearts, and we are very active in raising money for sick kids through Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia. And on an international level, we genuinely care for the people who provide the cocoa on which we depend. We are members of the UTZ cocoa program which ensures the sustainable and equitable production of cocoa around the world.

From the support of special causes and the activities of our local communities, to simply doing the right thing, Chocolatier uses more than just chocolate to bring happiness to people’s lives.

Owners of Chocolatier Australia John and Mark Grisold believe social responsibility is one of their core business values.
Grisold children who work full time for Chocolatier Australia<br>Matthew, Kelly, Daniel, Jessica and Jason
At Chocolatier Australia, social responsibility and family are both part of the core business values
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Owners of Chocolatier Australia John and Mark Grisold believe social responsibility is one of their core business values.



For over three decades, right here in Australia, our family has been using the finest ingredients in making crafted and indulgent chocolates, pralines and truffles.

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